Blockchain is a socio-economic transactional infrastructure introducing a paradigm shift,
away from vertical siloed business organisations,
towards horizontal borderless asset channels integrated in the networks of the internet.



The Blockchain Academy® provides Blockchain business and legal consulting services, supporting projects and companies in the specification, evaluation and implementation of Blockchain solutions.

Executive Blockchain Seminars

The Blockchain Academy® provides executive seminars in business centra across Europe. These seminars focus on the acquisition of a fundamental and strategic understanding of the Blockchain phenomenon and its impact on corporate and societal activity.

Corporate Blockchain Trainings

The Blockchain Academy® provides on demand hands-on training sessions designed for a corporate audience and dispensed at the client’s offices. Trainings are available as pre-formatted packages or can be customised individually.

Online Blockchain Simulations

The Blockchain Academy® provides an in-house developed online Blockchain simulation allowing for participants to experience a hands-on materialisation of the different roles and functions in a Blockchain.

Online Blockchain Academy

The Blockchain Academy® provides an online learning platform with a series of videos allowing anyone to access easily and in a self paced setting essential elements needed to understand and act on the Blockchain phenomenon: focus on mobile learning.

Harnessing Blockchain's Value

About The Blockchain Academy®

Our mission consists in supporting decision-makers and their teams in harnessing Blockchain's value through consulting and educational services. We are committed to the objective to guide corporations, public institutions and investors towards an autonomous reasoning and assessment of the strategic impact of Blockchain on the economy and business.

Building a global center of excellence for Blockchain consulting & education. Passionate about the transformative power of Blockchain.

Lawyer & Lecturer in Law (uni.lu). Passionate about exploring the transformative potential of Blockchain from a Law & Technology perspective.

Legal expert in GDPR. Advising & assisting Data Controllers and Data Processors on operational data protection matters.



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