Harnessing the Benefits of the Decentralisation Philosophy

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Corporate Trainings

The Blockchain Academy® provides on demand hands-on training sessions designed for a corporate audience and dispensed at the client’s offices. Trainings are available as pre-formatted packages or can be customised individually.

Executive Seminars

The Blockchain Academy® provides executive seminars in business centra across Europe. These seminars focus on the acquisition of a fundamental and strategic understanding of the Blockchain phenomenon and its impact on corporate and societal activity.


The Blockchain Academy® provides management consultancy and supports companies in the strategic evaluation of Blockchain options and roadmaps.

Online Academy

The Blockchain Academy® provides an online learning platform with a series of videos allowing anyone to access easily and in a self paced setting essential elements needed to understand and act on the Blockchain phenomenon: focus on mobile learning.

Online Blockchain Simulation

The Blockchain Academy® provides a proprietary online Blockchain simulation giving participants a hands-on experience of the different roles and functions in a Nakamoto-consensus Blockchain.


The Blockchain Academy® provides Blockchain business and legal consulting services, supporting projects and companies in the specification, evaluation and implementation of Blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Education & Training

The Blockchain Academy® provides a large range of Blockchain educational modules, each with their specific focus: from hands-on introductory to specific expert topics.

Harnessing Blockchain's Value

About The Blockchain Academy®

The Blockchain Academy® supports corporate and institutional teams in understanding and harnessing the strategic value of Blockchain in business, economy and society. The Blockchain Academy® focuses its services on the realisation of strategic implementation road maps that reconcile the constraints of a currently maturing technological, organisational, legislative and regulatory Blockchain environment with the innovative opportunities that public permissionless Blockchains offer.


Building a global center of excellence for Blockchain consulting & training. Passionate about the transformative power of public permissionless Blockchains.

Lawyer & Lecturer in Law ( Passionate about exploring the transformative potential of Blockchain from a Law & Technology perspective.

Legal expert in GDPR. Advising & assisting Data Controllers and Data Processors on operational data protection matters.